The Importance of English Language in Today’s World

In today’s global era, more and more developments are happening in this country. Starting from free trade, the increasing number of foreign companies standing in some other countries so that the use of international languages ??such as English is very widespread, of course for prospective entrepreneurs and job seekers have become a must to master the English language to be able to follow the times in the era globalization. Like what is the influence of his English in the international world? So, can you tell us why you make the decision to take the B1 english test? Do you need it to support your job or settlement needs?

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. it is the mother tongue for more than 400 million people worldwide. in every day millions of people use English in the workplace as well as in social life. When the head of government meets, English is the most commonly spoken language. When people from different nations meet each other, English is the only liaison language used by them.