The putting tricks in golf that can help you to master this shot

Rolling the ball with the range of strokes forward and back is the same length as the ball will roll perfectly with a minimum spin. If you still feel difficulties, you can do putting shots by doing the following steps that we’re going to share with you. On the other hand, you may go to when you’re in Bangkok, and you’re actually looking for a good golf course there.

1. Putter Grip

When holding the putter, position the thumbs parallel to the handle of the golf stick and use your palms to grip the putter. Some dominant left-handed putters like the putter handle that is tight enough in the left hand and the lighter grip on the right hand. This technique makes the left side of the body a punch control center.

2. Position the putter stick

The position of the tip of the putter is in front of the ball or slightly tilted forward and leads to the target. To warm up and reduce tension before putting, you can flick the putter a little while lifting the putter head about 1 cm above the ground.

3. Push the ball instead of hitting

Putting is done by pushing the ball instead of hitting it so that the ball can roll smoothly following the putting path until it enters the hole. Don’t bend your wrist and push the ball using the strength of your palm.