Play the Golf: How to Start It

Go to when you get ready for playing golf. To start golfing activities, you should understand the Basic Rules for Playing Golf. The following is an explanation of the rules of play for those of you who are just beginning to pursue this golfing activity:

– The Golf game consists of 18 holes in each session. Games are divided into two types, namely stroke play and match play. To start the game, take the first punch from teeing ground (tee shot). If in one game there are four people who are divided into two teams (foursomes), the players in each team hit by taking turns using only one ball.

– Unlike assessments in other sports that rate with the most scores. In golf, the fewer players make a punch before the ball goes into the hole, the player has the win. The skill in hitting and determining the direction of the ball is crucial in this section.

– To hit the next hole, the player can walk to pick up the ball that has entered the hole. Sometimes players can use Caddy services to accompany, help with equipment and even give advice to players.