The Secret of the Unknown Roof

The roof is not just a means of shelter from the sun and the roof also includes factors that add to the beauty of your home, as well as functioning as a support air circulation in your home that can make the atmosphere in your home feel more comfortable with your family members. Roof and house are inseparable, so when you renovate the house then you should be consistent with the architecture and the room in the house. There are several roof styles that you do not know and deserve to know from now on, let’s look further information that you can get in the roofer. The first roof you should recognize is a tent roof, tent-style roofs are often found in box houses with lengths that can be compared with the four sides of triangles that have the same size and slope.

The second roof you should know is a saddle-style roof. A saddle is a seated place on a horse’s back is something that is easily found in various countries, this saddle roof model is very often used as the roof of a school or office building. The most common type found in this type of roof is its pyramidal-shaped characteristic with a slope of about 30 to 40 degrees and the shape of this tent is usually suitable for homes located in the tropics. The third roof you need to know is a roof with a slope that only one of them, this roof is usually found in the factory building because the shape is simple and only requires protection for the engine machine to the rain. Currently, this type of roof with a slope next to this is usually used for modern homes in the countryside.

The third roof you should know is a tetrahedron roof. This one roof is very unique because, in addition to the famous as a duplication of the pyramid, this roof also has a shape like a trapezoid and a triangle. For countries that are in the tropics, usually, use this roof because of its very unique shape. How? Have you chosen a roof for your home? So when you do a home renovation, do not forget to decide what kind of roof that fits with your home.