How to start vlogging for the newbies

It’s easy to start vlogging and you do not have to use expensive cameras. Try using basic tools like computer camera or camera in a mobile phone. Currently, the technology is very advanced and you definitely have a good quality camera on your computer or mobile phone. Meanwhile, you may also need to take a look at the recommended LED Ring light for vloggers.

Use software like Camtasia (Windows) and Screenflow (Mac) when you want to record. Use easy-to-use editing tools like MovieMaker (Windows) and iMovie (Mac) when you want to edit videos. Find a quiet place when you want loud and clear audio.

Initially, it may feel awkward to record yourself. It takes time to practice to become a master. Try recording some videos yourself to look back and learn. Create a script for a video when it helps you be more confident. A great place to start is a video screen capture. It’s pretty easy to make. You just record what you do on a computer screen. No need for video or light camera. You do not even have to worry about how you look because people do not see you. Screen capture video is also effective for engagement.

You have lots of pictures from events or holidays but no skills to edit? Try tools like Shred Video to create videos from the collection of images you have.