This is the reason why in the car is more pollution

Usually, many people think that the smoke from vehicles they breathe every day will be harmless to their health. In fact, the smoke is very dangerous for their health and respiration. This is because there are many harmful particles in the smoke. then, now there is an electric scooter singapore that can reduce the smoke of vehicles on the streets. The vehicle does not produce smoke or pollution that pollutes the air.

Unlike other vehicles, the presence of electric vehicles will be very useful if you want to breathe fresh air and not create a very bad vehicle smoke on the streets. That way, then on the road there is fresh air that you can breathe. Many people think that in their car, they will not breathe dirty air. In fact, research reveals that in the car there is even more pollution that you can breathe.

Health experts say that by closing the glass of the car and turn on the air conditioner, air pollution levels in the car is still high.
In fact, in a study, there are quite a lot of harmful particles in the car. This means, even though we will not feel the smell of vehicle exhaust fumes, still wearing a car while piercing the bottleneck can pose a danger to health.

Without us knowing in the car cabin that we use there are chemicals in high concentrations that can trigger oxidative stress and develop respiratory problems, heart problems, to cause neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.
Michael Bergin, a health expert from Duke University, North Carolina, USA, mentioned that even in a closed car, we would still be exposed to twice as much air pollution when driving in jam time. In his research which later published the results in a journal entitled Atmospheric Environment, it is mentioned that these pollutants can damage healthy cells and DNA in the body.