Preventing your AC from breaking down quickly

Some people may have experienced the break down of their air conditioner too early. This happens either to the bad choice of an AC brand that they’ve bought or simply due to the lack of simple maintenance that they can do to preserve the lifespan of their air conditioner. Aside from hiring a licensed air conditioning service, you should also know the things that will shorten the AC lifespan that you must avoid.

Turning on the AC too long

This happens very often, and it can be troublesome for those who don’t have a lot of budgets to spare for buying another new AC within the same year. Make sure you remember to turn off your AC whenever no one is present in the room where it has been installed.

Neglecting the cleanliness of the AC

It’s either dust or cigarette’s smoke, you can expect that these things may damage your air conditioner slowly, but surely.