Maintaining your air conditioner in the rainy season

Cleaning the air filter during the rainy season must often be done so that the dirt or dust that attaches to the air filter and evaporator in the air conditioner is thicker and less visible and air circulation on the air conditioner is more unstable because the ac rainy season remains cold this must be done clean air filter and need service. In the meantime, you can visit when you need a reliable AC repair service.

Evacuator cleaning on the air conditioner

Cleaning the evaporator on this AC outdoor engine is the most accurate AC unit, here is a compressor component for pumping freon gas, the outdoor engine also uses evaporator to remove heat, during the rainy season the dirt on the outdoor can be very thick, all you have to do is clean or spray using water.

Turn off the AC when not in use

When the rainy season turns off the air conditioner needs to be noticed when not in use, the frequency for the ac users to forget to keep the air conditioner off even though the room is already cold, this is a habit that is often done when the air is hot.

Always do regular maintenance regularly

To get clean air, always do ac maintenance on a regular basis and your air condition is always in normal condition so that you avoid flu disease, especially during the rainy season.

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