Myths and Facts about Halloween

Halloween or Hallowe’en is a night celebration tradition on October 31 and is especially celebrated in the United States. This tradition originated in Ireland and was brought by Irish people who emigrated to North America. Today, people wear costumes and also masky na halloween during Halloween celebrations.

Here are some myths and facts about Halloween celebrations:


– It is said he said, seeing spiders on Halloween night means that the spirits of our loved ones is watching.
– Ringing the bell at night can drive out evil spirits
– Fear on Halloween night is called Samhainphobia


– Halloween was celebrated more than 2000 years ago
– Countries celebrating Halloween are Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, Bahamas, United States, Sweden, and Latin American countries
– 85% of citizens in the United States celebrate Halloween
– Sugar consumption at Halloween celebrations is far greater than Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

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